Social Media, Protests, and Citizen Journalism

To keep with the pace of the news* this week, we’ve organized a flash meetup to talk about protest movements and citizen media. Join us for a timely and lively debate about Occupy, the Arab Spring, Wisconsin teacher’s strikes, and other citizen actions, including this week’s break-up of Occupy Miami.

What role did social media and citizen media play in organizing and accelerating protest movements? What’s the relationship between citizen media and mainstream media?

Please RSVP on Eventbrite or on Facebook for this event.

Our panelists include:

- Janie Campbell, Founding Editor of Huffington Post Miami. A proud Florida native, she was previously deputy web editor at NBC Miami, has been an editor at The Feast and SB Nation, and has written for NBC Local Media and a slew of irreverent blogs.

- Jared Goyette, Online Producer at The Miami Herald and Founder and Producer of Open Media Miami, an independent community news partner of the Miami Herald and Beached Miami that covers neighborhoods along the Biscayne Corridor.

- Muhammed Malik, Co-Producer, Let’s Talk About It radio (880 AM). Muhammed participated in and covered Occupy Miami and other citizen actions.

- Carlos Miller, Founder and Publisher at Photography Is Not A Crime. Carlos covered the Occupy Miami movement from start to finish, and was arrested during this week’s break-up.

Please RSVP on Eventbrite or on Facebook for this event.

*For more about this week’s break up of Occupy Miami, please refer to this article:,0,1309689.story

We will meet at The Stage from 7pm to 9pm, followed by networking. The Stage will offer specials from 5 to 9pm with 2 for 1 drinks and $2 Grolsch beers.

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