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Social Media Club South Florida (SMCSF) was established to raise awareness and educate local professionals and students about the value of emerging social media tools in:

  • Building mutually beneficial relationships
  • Providing cost-effective customer service
  • Sharing information internally and externally
  • Marketing and public-relations strategies

We believe that social media should work with traditional media to improve the exposure, efficiency, and prospects of all organizations: commercial, not-for-profit, educational, or governmental.

Recently proven and made popular by the effective Obama Presidential campaign, social media has gone beyond being a buzz phrase and has sparked the curiosity and interest of all types of organizations, whose employees and associates are now eager to learn about and use interactive social media tools. To meet these growing needs, the SMCSF holds monthly meetings and disseminates information to engage participants in social media, including presentations from social media enthusiasts, open discussions, and networking opportunities.

Interaction – Conversation – Relationships – Passion – Integrity

Check out the Social Media Club national organization site to find more information about our activities.