September 18, 2020

How to take care of aluminum and iron made patio furniture?

Patio or patio chairs and all other furniture designed for outdoor use are exposed to much harsher conditions than indoor furniture. Extreme temperatures, precipitation, and high levels of UV radiation promote signs of wear and short life. There are many services for furniture repair cypress tx which can also help you get beautiful garden furniture all time. In the following, we give tips on how to care for different materials, so that they look like new even after several years and you enjoy them for a long time.

Aluminum – particularly easy-care material

Aluminum furniture is as right as unbeatable when it comes to easy-care materials for outdoor use. They are easy to move due to their low weight and require virtually no care because they can’t rust. In the case of dust, bird droppings, or other contaminants, it is sufficient to spray off the furniture with a water hose or wipe it off with a soft sponge and a mild cleaning solution. Rough cloths or scouring care products should be avoided as they can quickly scratch the soft surface of the aluminum.

Should the coating be scratched or scraped off as a result of everyday use, corresponding spray paint will restore the appearance. Inevitably, however, this repair is not necessary because the stability of the furniture is not affected. If the damage of the silvery surface visually does not bother, it can save the cost of care paint sprays.

Although aluminum furniture is considered to be suitable for all weather conditions and can, therefore, defy any weather, it is advisable to deposit it over the winter in the patio house or cellar. So, they are protected from cold temperatures and can be used easily every summer.

Iron and steel – the right corrosion protection

Patio furniture made of iron or steel has significant differences in quality, depending on the price range. Well coated models are often easy to clean because they can be easily cleaned when soiled and do not rust themselves – but that has its price. On the other hand, cheaper models do not have a good coating and may eventually show traces of rust, especially at the tube openings. To remove the rust, thoroughly clean, degrease and dry the furniture. Then it is best to use a special stainless steel cleaner.

If scratches occur in the coating of iron furniture, the procedure depends above all on the scratch depth. Purely superficial damage does not limit the functionality of the lacquer layer and merely represent an optical defect. Intense scratches, which extend to the bare metal, destroy the corrosion protection, which is why the material should be re-sealed with a suitable repair lacquer.

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