September 18, 2020

Useful tips for golfing

For some golfers, it is the highest art, and it is an integral part of the game of golf: putting. It is one of the most severe blows, because the goal – the poking over a short distance with, if possible, of course, only one hit – should be achieved. Putti should always be made with the highest level of momentum precision, as this completes the hole and determines the final result. Putten can decide about defeat or victory. That’s why punching training should be correspondingly intense.

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The best trick to be able to aim better at putting is the consistent distinction between short and long putts: a difference is made between short putts of two meters and long putts starting at three meters. With them, the impact speed plays a very special role.

A soulful hand is also announced when chipping. This is the stroke that carries the ball from the pre-green to the green. But first, the location of the ball must be patterned and estimated, how far he has to fly and then roll.

It is best to make two sample chips so that you feel the right ground contact. For a similar exercise in this situation, two balls and nine different hole stations around the green are needed. The distance to the hole should be between six and twelve meters. The goal of the exercise is to minimize the impact on the stations as little as possible. Both balls are chipped one after the other, and then the better shot is taken out of the exercise and played with the “worse” ball.

Punches over distances of 10 to 50 meters are called pitches. It is a rapprochement that aims to send the ball in a high arc into the green. With a full swing, the ball can be hit between 50 and 260 meters, depending on the racket chosen. What matters here is not just the distance, but also the accuracy, because the required strokes decide until the putt at the end about victory or defeat.

The clubhead should rotate closed. The ball is hit clean when the sole of the clubhead is facing up. The upper body should be kept still, hands and clubs in front of the hips and arms on the swing plane.

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