Differences between carbonated water and natural soda

Carbonated water is fizzy drink and alternative to soda. Though it is equally popular as soda and other fizzy drinks, it has some drawbacks why you should avoid drinking it regularly.

So, what is carbonated water?

Carbonated water is a drink where carbon dioxide gas is infused with pressure. It produces bubbly drinks which you find available in the market. Different elements are added to the carbonated water to improve the taste of it.

However, natural sugar soda is a kind of carbonated water, but there are a lot more differences in them. In carbonated water sodium and other minerals are added often. These drinks also made out of chemical reaction and produced carbonic acid. The carbonated water often creates burning and prickly sensation in our mouth, which is enjoyable.

Carbonated water is bit acidic, but it doesn’t create any harmful effect on our body if it is taken in moderate amount.

One of the major drawbacks of the carbonated drink is it directly affects the enamel of teeth. As your teeth are directly exposed to the acid, it affects dental health quite a lot.

In the study, it has been shown that sparkly water and sugar have quite a serious effect on our dental health. It is advisable to clean teeth and rinse mouth after drinking.

For the digestion, the carbonated drink is beneficial in many ways. It can help digestion, improve swallowing ability. So, after having a heavy meal, the carbonated drink helps a lot for digestion.

What is natural soda?

Natural soda is also a kind of carbonated drink, but it has much more health benefits than regular carbonated drinks or sparkly water.

Sugar is harmful to our body, but natural sugar can be beneficial to some extent. Natural soda of wave soda is made of natural fruit juice. No additive and artificial extract are used in this soda. Different flavors are available in this soda. You can choose among apple, cucumber, berries, apple, mangoes, and so on.

The wave soda contains no artificial sweetener. So, you can be relaxed about the calorie intake. Normally these kinds of fizzy drinks are full of artificial sugar and other chemicals which can exceed calorie count in your body. Just one can of soda give you a lot of calorie in one go. But in wave soda, you will get only 15 to 25 calories which is remarkably lower in amount. So, you can take it without any fear.

So, if you want something more than flavored soda without increasing your calorie intake, you can switch to natural soda.

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