Okay, so you want to promote your band. And you want to do it yourself. What’s your ultimate goal here? Is your goal just to get out there and play? Is your goal to make a little cash on the side? Or is your goal to actually turn your music into a career and make millions? Your ultimate goal will determine the answer to “How do I promote my band?”

If your goal is to just get out there and play music, then the answer to “How do I promote my band?” is easy: find some local joints to play. Just start looking for places and most of them will gladly let you in. Approach clubs and local venues. Don’t look too far away because it will cost you money in travel expenses to not only approach these places but also get there and play. So look locally, and don’t stress too much! Once you’ve played a couple of local hot spots, you’ll find more and more doors opening to you.

If your goal is to promote your band and make a little cash on the side, then the answer to your question “How do I promote my band?” is also pretty simple. In fact, it’s pretty similar to the first answer, only you will probably have to start locally and then widen your horizons as you go. The bigger the venue, the more money you’ll make. So start by promoting your band locally (most likely for free, for a while). Then as you increase your popularity, larger venues will want you to come to play. Plus, you’ll make more contacts and network with other bands and then before you know it, you’ll be making a little money on the side.

If your goal is to promote your band and then ultimately turn your music into your career and get signed by a record label, then the answer to “How do I promote my band?” gets a little trickier. Keeping your ultimate goal in mind means making sure that everything you do is making progress towards the end goal. You might start out in the same way as the other two answers, but you have to keep going. Because eventually, you’ll want to find a band manager and get some contacts so you can get signed to a major label and bring in the big bucks. So you’ll need a definite plan that you can follow so you don’t give up just before your big break.

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