How to Sell Windows and Doors: The Digital Marketing Process

How to sell windows and doors has always been a topic of interest for Toronto homeowners, but the methods by which you choose to do so are rapidly evolving. How many people can say they’ve seen uneducated contractors on street corners yelling at passersby about their window deal? How many times have you had that experience or seen your neighbor harassed by companies trying to sell windows and doors? How do you feel when that happens? Finding the best balance between traditional and digital marketing efforts is a new challenge for Toronto’s doors and windows company. We are happy to help you with that.

Recommendations for Selling Windows and Doors

Here are a few steps for digital marketing that can improve your window and door selling a business:

Your website serves as a storefront

Your site functions as a shopfront for your product. Make sure your site is easy to use, that the checkout process works seamlessly, that new visitors feel welcome with complementary content, and that returning visitors are welcomed back with an offer. The goal of all this is to make the buyer want to buy more. A great way to encourage users to come back to your site is by having a blog where you publish customer reviews, industry news, and seasonal promotions. You can even have a few informative articles so readers understand the products better. This will help them make an informed decision when it’s time for them to buy windows or doors. You can also gain some ideas from different websites posts such as Window Nation, Signature Window & Door Replacement, Window  Works, Delco Window Replacement, Quality Window & Door, etc.

Fashion and visual appeal

It should be no surprise that the windows and doors you put in people’s homes are part of their home exteriors. How will they feel when it rains? How will they feel when the light shines through during the day? How much value does your product add to their property? How can you prove it? The digital era provides a lot of opportunities to prove the value your products have. You can use different websites to craft a great digital mood board that includes images of homes with your windows and doors installed. You can also distribute digital content in a multitude of formats and across an endless number of channels. You can easily create online magazines, share podcasts and web-based radio programs, publish articles on your website, post pictures of products or processes, show videos, etc.

Don’t neglect search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing websites to score as highly as possible for specific search keywords. How will your potential customers be able to find you? What words should they type in the search bar before they can see your website? You have to make sure those words show up on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other sites when someone types them. You have to make sure that people who use those keywords as their Google search terms come across as many of your pages as possible. You also have to optimize those pages to make those words as descriptive as possible, and then implement that optimization on each page of your site with the help of SEO. SEO efforts need to be consistent and long-term. You can’t just optimize a page once and forget about it.

Provide incentives

People like to feel special. They like it when they get a deal that others don’t or can’t. You can offer a discount for a limited amount of time, a warranty that only lasts a year instead of two, or free installation on certain products if they’re bought before a specific date. All this will make customers that much more likely to buy. You can also offer gifts or donations to charity when they place an order. Just remember you’ll have to get the gift items for this, and it might take up your budget.

Make social media advertising a priority

Social media advertising is a great way to get the word out about your new windows and doors. Different platforms work for different products, but you should make sure you do at least a little bit of social media advertising with each one. Facebook has been working well for our company because it allows us to target very specific demographics. The best part? We spend very little money and we get a lot of leads. Just make sure you know who your target customer is, and that you can show how these ads will attract them to your product.

The main focus is product quality

There are many ways to attract your customer’s attention. You might have the best marketing plans and digital strategy in the world, but if your product isn’t any good, it doesn’t matter. So you need to make sure you focus on great window or door installation and design. You can sell more windows and doors by highlighting how much better their view will be when the new windows go in. Different design options are great for this too because people love to see what different windows will look like. You can also show how your product will save energy, which is a big deal in Canada right now. Whatever you do, just make sure you’re always thinking about the roles of aesthetics and value when you’re selling new windows or doors online.

Develop a positive online reputation

You might have the best strategy in the world, but what will happen to your company’s success if it doesn’t have the best online reputation? Online reviews are more important than they’ve ever been. Types of review sites will affect how people see your product. Various products have distinct strengths and weaknesses, so you need to know where you stand on each one. Check what people are saying about your product on Google, Yelp, Best Company, Better Business Bureau, and every other review site you can find. And what if someone isn’t happy with their purchase? Always take responsibility for your company’s actions. If you have the resources to do so, give them a free window to make up for their trouble.

Prioritize fairness and value

You have to be fair when you’re posting about your windows or doors. It doesn’t matter how good the deal is if it’s too good to be true. Make sure each product has value in terms of its design, construction, and performance. Let customers know what they can expect from their new window or door purchase. You don’t have to list every tiny detail, but it should be enough so that customers can decide with confidence. Also, don’t try too hard to show that you’re the best. Sometimes people see right through this kind of marketing, and it’ll actually make them less likely to buy from you. Just focus on your product’s true value and let people see that.

Begin an email marketing campaign

An email marketing campaign is great for all kinds of businesses, including ours. You can use it to share information about new products or just send out a beautiful newsletter. Only send these out if you have something to say, don’t just share them when you have a sale on your product. Make sure each email has value in terms of the content you’re sharing. Different tips work for different kinds of customers, so find out what each unique customer is looking for and share that information through your emails.

The Effect of COVID-19 on Window and Door Sales

Window and door sales affect a variety of industries, so the effects of COVID-19 will be felt well beyond our company. It’s too soon to tell what these financial consequences might be, but we can still take steps toward protecting ourselves from the worst of it. For example, our company will make sure to stop selling products that are no longer legal. Different kinds of windows and doors have different values, so it’ll be easy for us to prioritize some products over others. We’ll definitely be buying Canadian products whenever possible too, which is already the case for our current inventory.

The bottom line

These guidelines might not help everybody, but they’ll be helpful enough for most companies. Since this is an ever-changing industry, you should always be ready to adjust your marketing strategies. Digital marketing can be incredibly helpful for your company if you do it right. These are only some of the insights we’ve found within our own company, and there might be other places where you can improve your digital marketing strategy to make more sales. Just remember that your window or door purchase is never just about the money. Make sure you’re always prioritizing your customer’s happiness above all else.

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